• Looking at the several frustrations most buyers have with the contents on the best golf rangefinder buying guides, we have opted to take the simplistic route which tries to ensure that the user is given the simplest yet easy to understand information.

    With this, we give you the best collections of what you need to do when shopping for a rangefinder. We not only guide but also try to pinpoint the areas where you can get some of the best deals but also look at the benefits as well. Have a look at some of the following;

    1.The yard coverage – golf rangefinders are known to be distance oriented objects. Buying a rangefinder with the desired range of distance you need to cover would be an ideal thing. The distance coverage needs to be in consideration of the conditions under which it is going to be used. Golf rangefinders need to be sharp with clear marking of the range they cover to avoid having misses on the golf course. Having a rangefinder with readings of 100 yards while the reality it can only cover 50 yards may be quite frustrating.

    2.The type of the golf rangefinder – the selection of the rangefinder depends on the type. This is in most cases dependent on the rangefinder in use and the lens used. First priority rangefinders with their good lenses are in most cases ideal for use on the golf course unlike with the hunting rangefinders which are regarded as second priority.

    Some of the rangefinders are called laser rangefinders for the mere use of the laser technology on them. The use of GPS has been seen to be gaining pace with the preference of most of the users of its use on the golf course.

    3.Accessories- rangefinders are required to have the ability to be used even in dark places. Some of the best rangefinders are fitted with lights to increase the levels of visibility on the optic lens. In addition, the reduction and enhancement of vision is usually through the presence of what is regarded as a reticle.

    A reticle is the most important part of the rangefinder because it allows for the user to aim. It is here that the user has that vision of the object. All the vision accessories are usually enabled with buttons for ease of use and navigation.

    4.Technology– GPS has come of age as the best in the area of the rangefinder use. This is just a precision based technology and it helps in the course of your aiming at the golf course. But the GPS technology needs to be within the set down rules of the golf rangefinder use.

    5.The prevailing atmospheric conditions– golf rangefinders may have the likelihood of being used in diverse weather conditions. Choosing the one with the ability to be used in the rain will help the user get to experience some of the best golf games.

    The market is awash with rangefinders with waterproof capabilities which then make them ideal for use in humid conditions and in some instances even under heavy down pour without jeopardizing the ability of the user to hit the target.

    6.The price of the rangefinder– to most users, the price is everything. Though the price in some cases is not the ultimate determinant on which rangefinder to buy, it may just be that determinant. It may be wise to take into consideration of all the factors with the inclusion of the price and even go an extra mile but strive to get the best.

    7.Where to buy– buying any item in the market is hectic if you buy from the wrong place. Though there are numerous online retailers, the most ideal ones are the eBay and Amazon retailers who are known to offer these rangefinders at some of the most mouth watering discounts. Factors of the ability to return the rangefinder should also be three as well as the overall warranty issues. Best Golf Rangefinder Review

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